4 October 2021


 A look back at recordings I made over my career.

Part 25  TAPPING AT THE BLIND   Steel Carpet Music MATS025  CD 2003
Pete Castle, storytelling, vocals, guitar, mandolin; with Lucy Castle, fiddle; Lorin Halsall, upright bass; Rob Barber, drums on the Bear Dance.   Recorded at Sigma Studios, Burton.

This was the other half of The Outlandish Knight and was the mirror image. It was mainly stories with just one song, The Man in the Woods, and that tells an age old story. Tapping at the Blind is one of my ‘hits’ - always a favourite when I tell it, which I do often; The Maestro is a good story but for some reason I don’t think I’ve ever told it in a live performance. The Armless Maiden is the ultimate horror story. It makes Stephen King look mild! The Woman Who Married A Bear is another favourite. I’ve told it many times and where circumstances are suitable I’ve included getting the audience up to do The Bear Dance. At Last We’re Alone is very short but leaves you with a shiver!

I mentioned somewhere before in this series that storytelling albums do not sell as well as song ones. That is the case here. The Outlandish Knight sold out a short while ago but there are still copies of Tapping available.

 Pete Castle has a relaxed not-quite-gravelly voice and the inborn storyteller's tone of pleasure in his tales that make these two CDs a joy to listen to.  Polly Bird NHI Review

 I can't help feeling that "Tapping At The Blind" might have benefited from the reactions of a live audience. However, the studio recording does have an undeniable immediacy and combines with Castle's unedited little fluffs to convey the impression that the teller is recounting his frequently bizarre tales in your own living room. "Stories For Grown-ups" is an appropriate subtitle; the casual incest and ultra violence of "The Armless Maiden" is certainly not the stuff to play to the kids at bedtime if horrific nightmares are to be avoided.   Dave Tuxford, Living Tradition


Tapping at the Blind

The Maestro

The Armless Maiden

The Man in the Woods

The Woman Who Married a Bear/The Bear Dance

At Last We’re Alone.

I don’t have any of these stories on You Tube so here is The Old Man in the Woods


and another story which would have fitted nicely, The Pickpocket... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrafxJw_4KQ&t=88s



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