27 September 2021


 A look back at recordings I made over my career.

Part 9. FIDDLES & HARPS & DRUMS: traditional stories from around the world   cassette Steel Carpet Music  MATS003  1990

Not much to say about this one. I was never very happy with it. It was an experiment, how do stories work on a recording? Not as well as songs! It was comparatively early in my days as a storyteller and my style and repertoire were still developing. There are four stories here which I still do—and they are in Folk Tales of Song & Dance in a slightly different form—but there are a couple more I would never consider doing now… The approach with the music didn’t really come off. Lucy played some solid fiddle but we also played around with synths and percussion—a bit corny! It sold reasonably well but I hope no-one is judging me now on a 30 year old recording!


Monkey Steals a Drum

The Devil’s Violin

The Swan Swims So Bonny O

The Fairy Harp

The Man Who Stole the Parson’s Sheep

The Frog at the Well

Orpheus & Eurydice

Little Anklebone

The Lamb in the Drum

Orange Tree


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