27 September 2021


 A look back at recordings I made over my career.

Part 10. THE BROKEN PLEDGE by Lucy Castle  cassette  Steel Carpet Music MATS004   1990

Lucy Castle, fiddle and viola; Pete Castle, guitar and vocals; Andy Tween, percussion


 This was a good one. Lucy was 20. She had been at Chethams School of Music in Manchester and was now at City University in London, studying music. We had played together ever since she started on the violin aged 7. She did floor spots at clubs we ran and came with me to gigs from about 15. At that age she was better than most other fiddle players around the clubs. It was whilst at City University in that she met and fell in love with the East European fiddle music which was to have such a big affect on all our lives a few years later. 

The music on this album though, was a bit of everything—English, Irish, French, Romanian... Playford, Morris… It shows her versatility and musicality but the depth and knowledge—authenticity, weren’t quite there yet… but it came soon after in Maramures! We put one song on it as well to show her accompanist skills.



Old Mother Oxford/Argeers,    French Waltz,    Doina Moldavenesca

Manchester Hornpipe/Sheffield Hornpipe,    The Rover Reformed/Fine Companion,    Cind Eram in Vremea Mea

Bonny Kate and Bonny Ann,    The Breach of Killicranky

The Broken Pledge/The Gun in the Thatch/Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie

Cut the File,    Si Bhean Locha Lein,    Mrs McLeod’s Reel/The Masons Apron

Lontzia,    Ten Penny Bit/Elsie Marley,    Handsome Molly (song)



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