30 September 2021


 A look back at recordings I made over my career.

Part 14. THE DERBY RAM: Roy Harris, Keith Kendrick, Pete Castle, Derrick Hale Steel Carpet Music cassette 1993, re-released with additional tracks on CD.   2001  MATS008

This is by far the biggest seller on the Steel Carpet label. It sold and sold as a cassette and continues to sell now on CD but it came about by accident. 

I had been living in Derby for 5 or 6 years but wasn’t doing much Derbyshire material because I can’t say ‘e’ oop mi duk’ right, as I put it. I had made the decision that I wouldn't try to before we even moved from Luton. But fate stepped in! One day I went into a touristy shop in the middle of Derby run by Richard Felix (later known for the TV ghost hunters programme Most Haunted) to see whether he would be willing to stock my tapes. He was very willing but said that what he really needed was a tape of The Derby Ram. No problem. But why just have one track? Keith, Roy and Derrick were very keen to come on board and that was that.

It was the first album I recorded with Ken MacPherson at Track Station under the railway arches in Burton. That was to be my recording home for the next few years. Ken was a pleasure to work with and always came up with a great product. It was easier to go down the road to Burton than to Colin’s in Felixstowe too!


The Derby Ram  (Keith)

West End Best End   (Pete)

All Through the Ale   (Roy)

London   (Derrick)

Ey Up Mi Duck   (Keith)

Pretty Peg of Derby-O   (Pete)

One More Dance and Then   (Derrick)

The Derby Ram   (Roy)

6 Jolly Miners   (Pete)

Tha Looks a Proper Swell   (Keith)

Wild Young Stenson   (Roy)

The Black Boy   (Derrick)

The Derbyshire Miller   (Pete)

Derbyshire Morris Medley   (Keith)


Hannah Baddeley   (story by Roy)

There Are No Coal Mines in the Sky   (monologue by Keith)

The Cotton Mills Now at Cromford   (Pete)

I still sing 6 Jolly Miners a lot. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6xHaGypkQA

BUY the album at my gigs or from my web site. https://petecastle.co.uk/


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